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Create a Membership Site with WordPress – WordPress Themes

A theme is a separate set of files that works with the database and the core WordPress files to produce the layout and appearance of the site. Themes can be found in the WordPress themes repository (all of these are free) or they can be purchased from developers.

To build this site we’ll be using the default theme installed with WordPress but most any of the themes found in the WordPress repository will work.

There are several commercial theme developers that can be a great alternative to the free themes found in the repository. Some have been around for a long time and most offer great support.

WordPress is a dynamic community of developers that are in constant motion making changes and updates and you want your theme to be able to keep pace. When choosing a theme make sure it has good support and that it gets regular updates.

Unless you are familiar with a theme that you want to use, it is recommended that you use the default theme for the course built-out. You can always change the theme later.


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