In today’s video we’ll discuss the 3 best affiliate marketing wordpress themes. Being an affiliate marketer for the last eight years I’ve learned what is most effective for high conversions.

I will rank these three wordpress themes based off ease of use. All three are equally powerful when it comes to getting sales. So don’t think number three is weaker or stronger than number one when it comes to sales.

#3 This is wordpress theme is made by studio press. It’s excellent for affiliate marketing beginners because it requires no coding and generates a lot of sales. If you’re wondering which theme it is you’ll have to watch the video!

This wordpress theme is blazing fast, your website will load in 1 second to 1.2 seconds, make sure you install the Lite Speed plugin it works great with generatepress!

#2 This wordpress theme is made by Studiopress and is meant for more advanced affiliate marketing users. It does require some coding like HTML and CSS. However it’s extremely powerful for selling products.

If you’re wondering what theme it is watch the video my friend. Just remember 80% of traffic is mobile so inspect the theme in mobile to see if you like it before deciding to use it. However I have had many affiliate marketers recommend me this as their favorite wordpress theme for marketing.

#1 The last wordpress theme in the video is the most difficult to use and requires serious coding but everything is customizable. I would not recommend it for a new affiliate marketer.

This theme is meant for super affiliate marketers who have already established their own products or have many different products to sell.

If you’re getting into affiliate marketing 2019 or 2020 than these themes will get you started with the best affiliate marketing wordpress themes currently available.

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Thank you so much. And just remember regardless if you’re looking for a premium theme or free you will have success with either of the three which have been recommended here. Take care!


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