Come see what new with Astra 2.0 and how it will enable you to create websites faster than ever. Fast is more than just load time 🙂

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Full Astra Tutorial:

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  1. Great video as always Adam!

    May I ask how you prefer to create headers? I imported a starter site from Astra starter sites, but I needed Anchor links from the menu, so it would scroll down on the page "Home", when clicking in the menu. Problem is – because those menu buttons now are apart of the page "Home", they'll keep staying with the active color on. Because of that, I decided to recreate the header it in Elementor template builder, so I could use the "CSS ID" in Elementor, to connect it.

    Now the active colors works, but I find it much more difficult to build it in the Elementor template builder, because of the use of negative margins and for example on mobile view, it looks right, when the mobile is vertical, but there are a white margin on top, when the mobile is horizontal.

    So final question is, which way do you prefer, when creating headers…Astra Pro or Elementor Pro?

    Thank you Adam.

  2. Brilliant comparison Adam. This video points out what should be so obvious. Fast is not just loading time, but redeeming time clicking cluttered, poorly organized menus to find the obvious, something Brainstorm Force @SujayPawar @wpastra has nailed. Astra Customizer is the new definition of theme/menu layout.

  3. Thank for the video Adam. I do like Astra and as you said it is really fast. But I am a little disappointed by the settings they have, even in the pro version, against the free of OceanWP.
    1. Astra gives 3 menu styles against 7 styles and 10 highlights options in OceanWP (I don't count custom wich both can go with).
    2. Archive blog-style Astra has only 7 features to enable disable against OceanWP which gives 14. Astra does not even have a social share feature there.
    In another case, I was looking for a left column vertical menu option in Astra (OceanWP has in the free version). I could not find any so I sent to support to add this feature. Their response was "Great idea" and that they would add it in their roadmap. What great idea? I did not invent the wheel. I just asked for a feature that other themes have standard. Astra is 2 years now. No one thought of a vertical menu?
    As I said before I do like Astra and I do have the pro version lifetime (I have invested in them). They have a lot to do to catch up with other themes. And yes the new version that tides things up is an improvement but they did not add features. Just redesign the interface. Give us more.
    Thanks again, Adam. Always on top of things.

  4. I've been in the WordPress business from the start. And finally….in 2019…Brainstorm Force has fixed the most annoying issue with setting up a WordPress site! I think I have at least one million trial and error clicks in the theme customizers out there… Buy the Pro version (use Adams affiliate link to support the WP Crafter website) and support Brainstorm Force for this great achievement.

  5. They can improve the custom css generated by customize panel to a external css file instead inline css in html page code. With this feature, we can optimize the file with performance plugins like WP Rocket… Divi theme and Elementor have this feature.

  6. I remember when I started with your channel that you were talking about how Astra has organized the customizer to be easier and quicker to use… Finally, not that much: when you want to change the font, for example, and then you need to go to Typographie to change the family and size, and then get out of there and go to colors just to change the color of that element (ex: H1)… isn't too user friendly… They seemed to have rethink and improved that…

  7. I used this theme but I’m not able to remove the images from the three boxes that say “fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and fresh produce”
    It doesn’t allow you to remove the picture of the lemon the lettuce and the third image

  8. Wow….such great improvements! It really going to make setting up a site so much easier! Makes me even happier I renewed my agency license 🙂 Thanks Adam for the tutorial.

  9. So far, I've only used a theme builder, but I'm seeing a need for stepping up to a page builder. I'd prefer to learn only one if that's possible.

    I know that page builders are like religion and politics: everyone has their favorites and will defend theirs regardless of what everybody else says. Having said that, Adam (and others) let me ask if you use different page builders for different types of websites? Or do you basically use the same page builder for all of your websites and customize from there? Which page builder you prefer for non-ecommerce websites? TIA

  10. Don't see it a big change for people who do sites on a daily basis. I barely use customize now. Astra is a good theme but I have switched to Hello theme from Elementor. Still, have few tens of Astra sites but now totally have switched to Hello. Will wait for some better changes to try Astra again. However, this update is nice for someone who doesn't build many sites. Kudos for that.

  11. Thanks Adam for the update on Astra. I finally finished transitioning one of my “tesseract” themed sites over to Astra. Thank goodness, and what a difference! So these new features are fantastic.
    BTW… I like your new outro music but I miss your old intro, lol!

  12. Adam, thanks for originally promoting Astra in the very early days. Our entire team has been a fan of Astra because of you, so thank you, sir! And the BrainStormforce team is outstanding, always helpful and seem to go out of their way to help when there are issues.

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